Friday, May 25, 2007

Egads, what am I doing here?

In Los Angeles, I mean. The things we do for love, right? One minute I'm a blissed-out New Yorker, cramming myself happily into subway cars redolent with homeless people smells and french fries, breaking off heels into subway grates, eating scooped-out Murray bagels with olive cream cheese (TWO things nobody here is aware of. I'm surprised scooping isn't mandatory, like seatbelts), and having a grand old time bitching about what New Yorkers bitch about and the next minute what happens? I fall in love. In the middle of a blizzard, at the end of the bar at Dalton's on 43rd street I tumbled headlong into an Australian bloke's heart. And then I tumbled off of a plane at LAX and my passport tumbled out of my purse (thank god someone returned it) and I tumbled into matrimony. New York was pissed off with my blind, pie-eyed decision to leave its shores and promptly stole my wallet in Olde Town Bar on 18th street the week before I left. I strode into the police station to report it (HA! fool) and regaled them with my wonderful idea of having pickpocket drop-off boxes on the street because I didn't really care about the money, it was the driver's license and my birth certificate (don't ask) that presented me with a large pain in the ass. Not only that, it meant I had to get a California license which meant I had to take the written test (I walked in to the test and an 80 year old lady hissed "It's hard!" at me. It was.) and I had to actually GO to the DMV when I would rather poke my own eye out with a fork. The police met my idea with enthusiasm, laughed at me when I left I'm sure, and I packed my boxes and here I am. The first couple of months were heavenly. The next two were ok. The third trimester was a total bitch. BUT! Now I am getting a little bit better, meeting some people that aren't complete frauds and freaks, and I have a purpose: Helping New Yorkers Survive LA. Think of this blog as part guide to what's great about being on the "other" coast, and part what's just great in general. Tips, tools, tales and trinkets. I'm excited, stay tuned...xo Trish

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The Relationship Journalist said...

Love the blog! Can't wait to read more. Here's to meeting authentic people in LA...